How did it happen?
Our awesome products were borne out of the lack of creativity and style in the existing changing robes and sports bag markets. Those bags are generally very 'samey' and, let's face it, boring. They don't really represent sport itself – simply each brand's own name.

Our products celebrate each sport and offer customers something different, fun and unique.

Our first product was the Basketball leather drawstring bag. And as the excitement around the concept grew other sports were added and we increased the product range. At the same time creative opportunities began to arise in larger markets. Using a very clever branding process we can fully customise all products for corporate marketing purposes and also offer private branding opportunities.

We now have a great mix between continuing our grassroots commitment – offering each customer a spectacular array of sports and products – and using our products to offer companies and sports organisations the ability to use what we've created for their own marketing and promotions. In every sport we work with organisations, both large and small, to create one-of-a-kind promotional tools, special event gift bags, team merchandise and awards.
We are still a young and excitable company. This makes us flexible and able to change gears quickly to meet customers' requirements. We believe customer service is the most important part of our business and to this end we do everything possible to produce a quality product, communicate with our customer, answer questions, despatch correctly and provide the best service we can. A veritable bouncy Golden Retriever if you like. We don't have robots on our phones and we answer emails in minutes as opposed to hours. We continue to develop fun, interesting and new products for the sports fan. If you have any great ideas do please get in touch!
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