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Cricket Red Insulated Lunch Box 🏏
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Cricket Red Insulated Lunch Box 🏏


This 🏏 lunch box is the only one made from real red cricket ball materials! So many of our customers asked about lunch boxes - so we're pleased to introduce an amazing line of 🏏 insulated lunch boxes!  InventSports' lunch boxes (or coolers... or make-up bags!) are manufactured to the very highest quality, are totally stylish and a perfect way to show your love for cricket 🏏. Made from our patented sports ball materials, these lunch boxes are the perfect size for taking to work, on a trip, a picnic or to school. InventSports' 🏏 lunch boxes are fully insulated, feature a heavy duty zipper, and a very strong handle on top to carry or hang your lunch. Perfect for your lunch or as a gift for a cricket fan 🏏!

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Cricket Red Insulated Lunch Box 🏏
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