ICC CWC 2019 Cricket White Rucksack


InventSports' Offical ICC World Cup Rucksacks are fully functional backpacks, but made from our patented and copyrighted sports ball materials! At the gym, when commuting, at school or college or at a game, in fact ANYWHERE you go, carry a rucksack that tells everyone what your passion is! Our rucksacks have all of the features of conventional backpacks – you just will not find a better looking or better made backpack anywhere!


InventSports is an Official ICC World Cup Cricket Brand Supplier. We designed and made these backpacks for the 2019 tournament won by England! There are only a limited number available and of the highest quality sports manufacture. Perfect for cricket fans' everyday use or sports use. Water, tear and stain resistant and made from real world cup cricket ball materials.